Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Craft Project: Beautiful Paper Flowers

This Sunday I hosted a baby shower for a good friend.  I can't say how appalled I was at the selection of baby shower decorations stores carried.  I must have gone to 15 stores and all I found was these themes of silly little baby animals or tiny footprints in all pink or all blue.  I have never been one to like things to be too generic.  I much prefer home-made to store bought any day.  This led me to find other alternatives for decorations.  I searched online and found that Martha Stewart had a paper pompom do-it-yourself project that looked really cool.  In her version they were completely round as they were being hung from the ceiling.  I found that you could do them with a flat bottom to act as a table top flower.  Check it out... oh yeah and here is the link to Martha's instructions.  They took about 8 minutes to make a piece.  But let me just say how relaxing it was to make them... and the finished project is so pretty that you just need to sit back and admire them for a minute.

I made little flowers to pin on the guest of honor and the mini guest of honor- Addison ;)


Debbie said...

everything was awesome!! you did a fantastic job, as usual!! :) LOVED all the beautiful flowers you made, so talented!! :)

Gaudy said...

Very cute!

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