Friday, December 3, 2010

Detox... it does a body good

So I've been feeling sort of lethargic and I just got over the most awful flu I've had in a long time.  I think my immune system could use a little boost.  Especially after all the Thanksgiving eating we did.  I have been reading books by Dr. Gillian Mckeith of the U.K. for a really long time.  She makes a lot of sense to me.  I have her "You Are What You Eat" book and it's great.  She lists several symptoms and what the causes are as well as a plethora of problems associated with the way westerners eat today. She also lists a detox plan towards the end of the book and that's the one we're starting today.

The detox is meant for a day, but we're going to do it for three days- just to kick start our system.  Really there's nothing too adverse about it so there's nothing wrong with doing it a little longer.  So far I woke up and had my cup of warm water with lemon, linseed water and now I just had some fruit.  This particular detox requires lots of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, salads, nuts and seeds and loads of sprouted seeds. Sprouted seeds are invaluable since they pack tons of punch in just a little plant- the theory is that when a seed is sprouting, it contains a concentrated amount of enzymes not present in the mature plant- enzymes the plant needs to reach maturity.

We could all use an internal spring cleaning every once in while.  Some of the benefits to doing detoxes are improved liver and spleen function, better mental clarity, feeling less bloated, improved skin appearance, more energy and better digestive function. It's also highly recommended for people who suffer from food allergies/sensitivities.   There are tons of detox plans available out there but I particularly like this one because it's not as harsh as doing a straight up juice fast.  Also, this detox includes lots of herbal tea breaks that are infused with your choice of several beneficial tinctures, as well as supplements such as milk thistle, a great liver tonic. In addition, it allows you to eat a small amount of whole grains if you're feeling really hungry, as well as unlimited fresh fruit and vegetable juices (but they must be juiced by you, not commercially bought juice).

After this 3-day detox is over, we're moving on to the second phase of the detox which will go for several weeks, but it's a lot more lenient.  We'll be able to eat a larger variety of foods, but still keeping fresh fruit and veggies as the core of the diet. I'll be documenting some recipes as we do this...

Here's to good health and detoxing.  Let the fun begin!


Rye said...

interesting, ive seen her tv show and have thought about following her detox regiment. i need to check out the book. maybe after the holidays.

love your blog.

Rox said...

Thanks for your comment Rye ;) I love her show too... I just ordered the " You Are What You Eat Cookbook". Can't wait to try out some of her recipes.

Irene Krey said...

Hi Rox,

Thank you for sharing that good book. I'll probably be looking at that soon! Well I always say to myself and my readers that isn't it great that 3 day detox is that short but eventually the effects are totally massive? That's really how I do love this diet and cleansing system plus the good foods it encourages to people. Even though it may be limited to those having chronic heart problems, still majority of people can do it while couragely facing the slight side effects because it's really worth it after. I too, can attest to that.

Cheers for the great post!

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