Wednesday, November 17, 2010

El Palacio de los Jugos- A Miami Landmark

As I mentioned in my previous post, Brandon and I had to travel home to Miami for a family emergency- all is well now though.  It was a very short trip, but one of the days, we decided to hit up a famous Miami landmark called "El Palacio de los Jugos" which means "The Juice Palace".   The place isn't fancy or anything but they have the nicest tropical produce, milkshakes and Cuban treats.  The main reason for our visit is to buy fresh coconut water.  Basically a guy stands there with a huge machete and chops of the the tops.  You can buy the coconut whole with a straw in it, or you can buy the water in a half gallon.  Coconut water is one of my favorite things to drink, and now that we live in Dallas, it's one of the things I crave the most.  They also have a huge selection of prepared dishes and desserts. Their fruit salad is amazing too.  When we lived in Miami, we would just drive by this place and really take it for granted. These kinds of markets have sprung up all over Miami, but this one here is the original.  Now whenever I go back to visit, this is a place I always try to visit. If you're ever visiting Miami, this is one of those places you'd want to check out.  Anthony Bourdain should have totally covered this place when he did his Miami show.

If you're ever in Miami, check it out... if only for the coconut water machete man... lol

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